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Olpad to Malad

Malad is one of the most fascinating, populous and multicultural cities in India. It is a fantastic vacation spot because it is home to several tourist attractions, like beaches, religious sites, monuments, and vibrant markets. Given that a fast and convenient National Highway connects Malad and Olpad, taking a taxi is the best solution.

Olpad to Malad taxi fare

Book Olpad to Malad Taxi at the Cheapest Price

Kingno1 allows you to book a taxi from Olpad to Malad at the lowest feasible rate. By booking a taxi online from Olpad to Malad, you may take advantage of the cheapest available rates. Taxis are available for all of your needs within and around the city, including airport transfers, railway transfers, one-way and round-trip travel to and from outlying areas, and day packages. Kingno1 Taxi Services provides car rental services for a variety of cabs, including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned vehicles, as well as economical automobiles such SUVs, sedans, and taxi rental.

The rates for the most popular cab options can be shown in the following table:

Cab options Total Fare Passengers Luggage
Mini/ Hatchback/ EV Taxi ₹ 4300 4 1
Sedan ₹ 4500 4 2
SUV ₹ 5500 6 3
Innova ₹ 6500 6 3

Kingno1 Taxi Services provides a choice of transportation options to ensure your safe and comfortable travel. On this route, the Mini, Sedan, SUV, and Innova are among the most common taxis. You may rent a compact or hatchback for as little as Rs. 12 per km. We also provide more luxurious vehicles, like the Innova, for Rs. 18.28 per km.

Time and Distance Between Olpad and Malad

Between Olpad and Malad is approximately 525 kilometres. This may take as long as ~ hours. National Highway 48 (NH 48) connects these two cities, making the trip between them very easy.

Olpad to Malad car distance

Between Olpad to Malad is approximately ~ kilometres.

Olpad to Malad car time

Between Olpad to Malad is approximately ~ Hrs.

One way cab Olpad to Malad

Special Discounts and Offers with Kingno1 Taxi Services from Olpad to Malad Taxis

Customers that frequently travel with us are eligible for discounts. As required, we also provide them with taxis and cabs on a regular basis. Additionally, if you are a senior, you will be entitled to additional discounts.

Customers that frequently travel with us are eligible for discounts. As required, we also provide them with taxis and cabs on a regular basis. Additionally, if you are a senior, you will be entitled to additional discounts.

Olpad to Malad one way taxi

Kingno1 Taxi Services provides taxis and cabs for various purposes. You can rent a car for one-way or round-trip trips. Airport drop-off and pick-up services are also accessible through our company. What are you waiting for, then? Immediately reserve a taxi with Kingno1 Taxi Services.

It's simple to book a cab with Kingno1 Taxi Services. You can make a reservation for a cab or a taxi via phone or e-mail.

[email protected]   9106983722 (Toll Free)

Available Taxi from Olpad to Malad

Kingno1 Taxi Services provides a variety of options to guarantee that your trip is convenient, comfortable, and tailored to your specific preferences. A tiny hatchback, an EV cab, a car, an SUV, and an Innova are among the several types of transportation accessible for your travel.

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Available Taxi from Olpad to Malad

Olpad to Malad Mini Taxi

To travel from Olpad to Malad, reserve a compact hatchback or an electric vehicle today. Travelling in a Mini Cab is the most cost-effective and affordable method of transportation.

Olpad to Malad Sedan Taxi

Sedans offer good performance and handling, as well as ample passenger room and a trunk that can be closed. It is ideal for daily driving in undemanding road conditions as well as long-distance travel. Therefore, reserve a sedan immediately for your trip from Olpad to Malad.

Olpad to Malad SUV Taxi

An SUV vehicle is taller than a sedan. They become more spacious as a result. The back seat may be folded down to increase storage space. Due to its greater ground clearance, an SUV has a higher centre of gravity, which impacts its stability at high speeds. So book an SUV and go in style.

Olpad to Malad Sedan Taxi

If you are planning a family or friends trip or holiday, Innova is your best option. You may easily do this 9-hour tour without difficulty and in luxury.

Olpad to Malad one side cab

One way taxi Customers who wish to save money and travel in comfort can reserve a one way taxi from Olpad to Malad.

One way cab A taxi or cab will pick you up in Olpad and drop you off at your desired location in Malad.

One side taxi There are no further passengers in this taxi.

One side cab By paying a one-way drop-off fee, it is possible to save money.

Two way taxi Airport pick-ups and drops-off are extremely convenient.

FAQ about Airport Taxi ServicesFAQs About Olpad to Malad Taxis

Online taxi booking saves you money and provides you with a number of payment options, including Debit Card, Credit Card, e-Wallets, and many others. You can easily compare all the prices and choose from numerous cab categories, such as sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs.
The Olpad to Malad taxi fare starts from ₹ 4300
The distance between Olpad to Malad is about 0 km.
Yes, you can book a one-way cab or taxi from Olpad to Malad.
At the moment, the most affordable and easily available taxis in Olpad are the cars like Indica, Wagon R and Innova.
Yes, it is quite safe to reserve a taxi with Kingno1 Taxi Services from Olpad to Malad during covid-19. Your safety is our top priority. Thus we ensure that our taxis are incredibly secure, especially during pandemics. After every ride, we disinfect our taxis. Our drivers always wear face masks. In cabs, disinfectants are also offered. Our drivers are always immunised, ensuring the highest level of safety.
Kingno1 Taxi Services makes it simple to cancel a cab reservation. Simply calling us and cancelling your ride will suffice to discontinue your taxi service.
Toll taxes(if applicable), taxi fare, driver's stipend, additional taxes, and, if applicable, parking fees make up the total rent or fare.
Yes, the fee does include the driver's allowance.
If you do not wish to pay the full amount at the time of booking, you have the option to pay a fraction of the total sum. At the completion of the trip, the remaining balance can be paid to the driver in cash. However, a minimum deposit is necessary to confirm the reservation.